*Like other candy, don’t be tempted to replace the butter and cream here. **you will need a candy thermometer and a heavy-bottomed pan to make these. 225g dry roasted cashews 100g butter 250ml double (heavy) cream 200g golden syrup 160g light brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract ¼ teaspoon flakey sea salt Toast the cashews […]


Adapted from New York Cult Recipes by Marc Grossman Ingredients: 235g (1 ¾ cup + 1 ½ tablespoons/8 ½ oz) plain (all-purpose) flour 2 teaspoons baking powder ¼ teaspoon salt 2 ½ teaspoons pumpkin pie spice 135g (⅔ cup/4 ¾ oz) light brown sugar 125ml (½ cup) vegetable oil 4 eggs 1 ½ tablespoon orange […]


Rainbow Salad Salad: 6 cups chopped romaine hearts 4 cups sliced red cabbage 1 large Pink Lady apple, halved, cored, diced 1 Asian pear, halved, cored, diced 1 mango, peeled, diced 1 Persimmons, peeled, diced 1 nectarine, halved, stone removed, diced 3/4 cup blanched hazelnuts, toasted, coarsely chopped 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds Poppy Seed Dressing: […]


Moroccan Bastilla/Pastille What to do with all your leftover chicken from festive meals? This savory-sweet pie from the Moroccan kitchen has deep Sephardic roots and belongs on your table this holiday season. Follow along with Ilana to make this simplified version, using one pan and your leftovers! 1kg onions, diced 4 tablespoons olive oil 1 […]