Baked Saffron Rice with Confit Leeks

Serves 8 as a side dish To confit is basically to poach in oil as opposed to poaching in water, the confiting of the leeks here, makes them meltingly tender and yet they retain their shape. They pair perfectly with the aromatic saffron rice, for a side dish so beautiful and so delicious it will […]


What is the appeal of making a massive cut of meat and then serving it cold? Oh so much is right about this. Firstly cold roast beef is served cold! No reheating anxiety to worry about. It takes several days of planning to get this done, but on the other hand, it needs to be […]

Yellow Pepper Soup

As someone who often has company Shabbat lunch, I feel the need to make the appetizer course a bit of a feature. There was my mother’s go-to; Gefilte fish – and though I’m a big fan, far too many of my guest’s aren’t. On the other hand my husband grew up on chopped liver and […]

Silky Smooth Carrot Soup and Ras El Hanout Pumpkin Seeds

Serves 10 generously This is one of those soups that is sophisticated because of its simplicity. You can use it as a backdrop for all kinds of flavors, think carrot and coriander soup, or curried carrot soup or perhaps cumin. Here I have left it bare and strained it through a wire mesh sieve to […]

Caprese Salad with Black Olive Topping

Do you really need a recipe for Caprese, probably not, it is the simplest of salads, combine sliced tomatoes with mozzarella and basil, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and you are done? But to me, a Caprese is screaming out for some texture and the Black Olive Topping below does just that. […]

Fig Focaccia

Figs are one of the Seven species referred to in the bible, they speak of the bounty of the Land of Israel. Having any of the seven species at your table is considered a blessing and thus we treat these foods with additional respect, prioritizing making blessings and eating them before other foods. Figs make […]


I grew up on kohlrabi, on Friday nights while my father sang the songs that welcomed in the Shabbat, my mother was never comfortable if her hands’ weren’t active. Would sit behind him, humming along, while she diligently peeled kohlrabi with a paring knife and proceeded to cut it into paper-thin slices. She would then […]

Broccoli Quiche

To me, the idea of quiche seemed so foreign, seemingly an attainable convergence of French elegance and American abundance that had nothing to do with my childhood home. Firstly the idea for sitting down to a dairy family meal was unheard of the outside of Shavuot. I think my mother had one dairy pot and […]

Taste Like Bryer’s Vanilla Ice Cream

Bryer’s was the go-to ice cream you would find in the freezer section of the supermarket. Before Ben and Jerry’s sold their ice cream in cute pint containers. Bryer’s came in a large cardboard square, the selling point for Jews who kept kosher was the limited list of ingredients, nothing more then, milk, sugar, eggs, […]