Roasted Carrots and Coriander

It has been a long and difficult year so far, and many of us have looked forward to Shabbat as the oasis of calm amidst the cacophony that is our daily lives. But if like me you find yourself serving the same thing every week to the same people, I have sought to challenge myself […]

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

There is an alchemy that happens in our kitchens, taking basic ingredients, mix them together add some heat and we have created something entirely new and hopefully delicious, but often we miss that magic moment, in the midst of checking things in the oven, washing dishes and serving others, the magic seems to come and […]

Instant Pot Lamb Vindaloo

I really love flavourful food, but I’m incredibly sensitive to chilli of any kind, so even when there was a kosher Indian restaurant in London, I sat by and watched my family and friends enjoy curry while I ate plain rice. Here is my recreation of a Lamb vindaloo, with much thanks to our friends […]

Oven-Fried Fish Fingers (Sticks)

Adapted from America’s Test Kitchen Jews are credited with introducing fish fried in oil to Britain, and it has since become a national dish. In this recipe, we take that comforting national dish and move it from the frying pan into the oven — same amazing crispy results with a different cooking method. When working […]


I grew up in a very European home, dinner every night of the week was started with soup. Even though we rarely sat together as a family for dinner aside from Friday nights. My mom would always have a soup ready as the opening course of any supper. I’m not as consistent as my mother, […]

Bagels or is it Beigels?

Nothing in my experience across all cultures is more unifying than food. And long after many of the other customs of Judaism have faded from individual practice, you will find people are nostalgic about their Jewish food, of what they once ate at their grandmother’s house. So I have studied Jewish food and shared the […]