Immersive 10 Plagues Seder Menu

Looking for Seder night meal ideas this Pesach that will help bring the night alive? We can help with that.

Food is such an innate part of Jewish culture, it is part of the fabric of our past, it brings us together in the present and will ultimately play a starring role in helping us to shape the future. This is no more evident than at Passover, where the Seder night meal forms the structure for us to relate the story of the Exodus to our children. 

Whether this is your first Seder, or you’re a dab hand, whether you have ‘big kids’ or small ones around your table, these recipes can elevate your Seder and serve as a jumping off point for conversation.

Discussion about the 10 plagues is one of the most important parts of the Seder and the story of the Exodus. So what better way to experience and immerse ourselves in the night of Seder than eating our way through the 10 plagues?

This book of recipes takes you on a journey through your meal for Seder night. Working in order of the plagues we have created abstract visual cues to help you bring the story to life. 


We’ve tried to ensure that nearly everything can be prepped in advance and many items can be frozen, too. Where relevant we’ve also added meat free options and everything is kitniyot (legumes) free.

Whether you follow our recipes to the letter or use them as a springboard to rethink how we can pass on the story of our departure from Egypt, we simply invite you imagine, immerse and make memories. 

We wish you a wonderful Seder and a an enjoyable Passover. 

The Ta’amim Team

With thanks to the team at Sophy Weiss Photography for their incredible artistry in capturing our vision and helping us to bring this Seder night menu to life, to Rabbi Rowe for permission to reprint excerpts from his Passover Haggadah, and to our recipe taste-testers for their invaluable feedback during the development process.

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Ta'am Immersive 10 Plagues Seder Menu - Image: Sophy Weiss Photography