Budget-Friendly Chicken Miso Ramen

Chicken Miso Ramen

Seemingly exotic larder ingredients like miso paste and soy sauce may seem, on the surface, like an expensive option, but in reality, they last for ages and can be used to add big punches of flavour to dishes like this budget-friendly chicken miso ramen. Made from fermented soybeans, slightly tangy and deeply umami notes can be added to a broth with the addition of just one spoonful of this delicious Japanese seasoning, and a jar of miso will keep refrigerated for several months once opened. An excellent way to spin out leftovers into something new and exciting, this recipe is as cost effective as it is delicious.

Budget Friendly Chicken Soup

Budget Chicken Soup

A budget-friendly version of our Classic Chicken Soup, this recipe uses a chicken carcass as its base. We do not recommend trying this with one from the butcher, as they tend to strip the carcass very clean, but rather, if you are butchering your own chicken, you can leave a little extra meat on the bones, to stretch the chicken that bit further. Not all chickens imbue the same amount of flavour, and if the carcass does not have much meat left on it, you may wish to add a stock cube at the end to give an extra punch of flavour. This recipe will work better still if you can use two carcasses.

Classic Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup with Kneidlach (Matzah Balls)

Often referred to as Jewish penicillin, there are few dishes more iconic in the Jewish repertoire than this Ashkenazic Friday Night staple, served with kneidlach (matzah balls) or lokshen (noodles). There are an infinite number of minor tweaks to this recipe from the addition of tomatoes and dill to arguments about clarity, but what we can all agree upon is that if your mum ever made chicken soup for you when you were sick then you will insist forevermore that hers is, was and always will be the best, and nobody will ever convince you otherwise. We’re okay with that, because our mums all made the best soup, too!