Moroccan 7-Vegetable Couscous

Moroccan 7 Vegetable Couscous - image by Yaffa Judah

As seasonal as it gets and a celebration of Simanim, the earthiness of the root vegetable mash, rich with parsnip, potatoes and sweet potatoes exquisitely complements these deliciously tender and sweet ribs, which are marinated in pomegranate molasses and date honey, both Simanim, omens for abundant blessings and redemption from our enemies. The greens are the finishing touch on a perfectly rounded Autumn warmer, just what’s needed as those shorter nights start drawing in. Leafy greens (swiss chard, spinach or beetroot leaves) are another of the Simanim – ‘silka’ in Aramaic or ‘selek’ in Hebrew, related to the Hebrew word ‘silek’ (to depart). We ask that Hashem remove our adversaries from us in the coming year. Ifcooking this dish for Rosh Hashanah, you may also choose to add squash to the mash and leeks to the greens to add two more Simanim to the dish.