Roasted beetroot can be served on their own or wonderful added to a simple salad of lettuce and watercress.

  • 16 baby beetroot, peeled and halved (or 8 large beetroot cut into quarters)
  • 100 ml soy sauce
  • 2 star-anise
  • 4 cloves
  • 2 garlic cloves, still in their skin
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • olive oil for roasting

Heat the oven to 200°C. Line a large baking tray with foil add the beetroot. Add the soy sauce, star anise, cloves, garlic and a good drizzle of olive oil. Then pour in 200ml water and toss the beetroot to coat. Wrap foil over the tray and roast the beetroot for 60 minutes. Test whether the beetroots are tender by poking the tip of a sharp knife into one of them, if it slides in easily the beetroot is ready, if there is still some resistance cover and cook for another 10 minutes. Remove the beetroot from the tray, season with salt and pepper, setting aside the cooking juices.

If using the beetroot in a salad, put the watercress or/and lettuce into a medium bowl and, when ready to serve, dress with the reserved cooking juices from the beetroot. Top with roasted beetroot.

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