Sweet Potato and Squash Chips

Sweet Potato and Squash Chips - Image by Yaffa Judah

Root vegetables are a seasonal staple for Sukkot and Rosh Hashana, as well as a Pesach-friendly side and an alternative to white potatoes. These sweet vegetables are also ideal for Rosh Hashana, where we have the custom to eat sweet foods for a “good and sweet new year,” and we eat gourds such as squash as one of the Simanim, representing our desire that, if it be Hashem’s will, that the evil of our verdicts be torn apart, and that our merits be announced before Him.

Corn Ribs

A celebration of the harvest, corn on the cob is a humble and often overlooked vegetable option. These corn ribs make a great side or main for vegan or vegetarian guests and are easy to pack full of flavour with a combination of herbs and spices.

Root Vegetable Medley

Roasted Root Vegetable Medley

This light, flavourful vegetable dish makes an excellent lunch as a side or as a salad, and is great served hot or cold. You can leave the feta out and use our Parev, Kosher for Passover Pesto to make the recipe vegan and Pesach-friendly.

Sweet Potato & Celeriac Wedges

Sweet Potato & Celeriac Wedges

A couple of our favourite alternatives to potato, sweet potato and celeriac wedges provide sweetness and earthiness to a meal, and provide a great way to mix up a Passover menu, especially if your custom is not to eat kitniyot such as rice. This recipe is really quick and easy – the longest part is peeling the veg! Seasoning is entirely to taste and these root vegetables are versatile and will accept virtually any herbs and spices you might throw at them!