‘Leftover’ Chicken Salad

Sometimes the best lunchbox ideas come from a fridge raid. Utilising leftovers is not only budget-friendly, it also saves on time and effort – ideal if you’re a busy individual prepping lunches for yourself and others.

It’s not unusual to over cater – we’ve all done it, so seize the opportunity and sort out those lunches for the week. Whether its chicken you’ve pulled off a whole roaster, or sifted out of leftover soup, chicken is packed full of protein and will help keep you fuller for longer. Team this leftover chicken with fresh salad vegetables or even leftover roasted veggies and you’ve got a delicious meal that doesn’t take any time to prepare.

Want to pack a bit more flavour? Try using leftover garlic, honey and lime chicken wings or what remains from a whole roasted chicken with 40 cloves of garlic. Add your favourite dressing and you’re ready to roll.

'Leftover' Chicken Salad